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Car Finance

Kart Finance does the rate shopping for you   

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Our Application Process

Request a Quote

Leave a quote request and we will call you if more information is required. We will then review this information against more than 60 different lender policies to find you our best finance options. 

Receive Quotes

 Without impacting your credit score, we'll send you quotes that detail the rate, repayment amount, estimated settlement time and a breakdown of any lender fees applicable.

Apply or Take Some Time

We have a zero pressure approach to finance so take the time to ask any questions you need answered. When you're ready, complete your application form and upload your supporting documents. 

Approval & Settlement

Once approved, we will organise the documents required to have funds released and negotiate on your new vehicle price. Funds are generally released on the same day you sign your contract.  

What a Kart Finance Broker Can Offer You

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Car Finance.

Your dedicated vehicle finance broker will ensure a smooth and stress-free car financing process, so you can enjoy your new vehicle without worries. 

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Leisure Finance.

Whether you’re shopping for your next boat, jet ski, motorbike or caravan, the Kart Finance team will help you find the lowest rates and repayments so you can get back to what really matters.

Personal Finance.

A convenient solution for a wide range of purposes, from home renovations to holidays or personal indulgences. 

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Business Finance.

If you require assistance with cash flow or need additional funding to fuel your company's growth, our expert loan brokers can help.

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Ready to shop for the best deal with Kart Finance?

To access the best deals on car, personal, business, and leisure finance, provide your details below and connect with a Kart Finance broker.
For more information about our services or for general inquiries, reach out to us directly at, and one of our dedicated loan specialists will be in touch shortly.

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